The Offices of Suzanne M Ducharme, MS CCC-SLP

Holistic Speech Pathology and Healing Services

for Childen with Special Needs and their Families

How can I help and support you today?

If you have a child who has challenges with their communication or feeding development, you know what it is to worry... to wonder about how to move forward, who can help, and even if progress is possible. Let your time on my website be a first step to getting your questions answered, and to learning how I can help you and your child be all that they can be.

I am working on a brand new website, hoping that it will be ready soon. I can't wait to share some exciting changes with you, as my practice moves into a new chapter. If you are visiting today from, WELCOME.

If you need to reach me, please call my office at 339-214-2906 or e-mail me at [email protected]

See you soon!

You can also visit me on Facebook: Check out The Offices of Suzanne Ducharme or the page for my book, Childhood Speech and Language Disorders: Supporting children and their parents on the path to communication. There is also a website at with more detailed information about the book. Looking forward to seeing you very soon!

With love, Suzanne